Just like your car a Hot Tub has electrical and moving parts and needs an annual service.

The service includes a full inspection from one of our hot tub experts, checking your pumps, blower, heater, heater seals, PCB, leaks and general running of your spa and carry out any minor repairs.

Once we are happy with the running of your hot tub and tightened any loose unions we will then clean the inside of your pipes with a special liquid and then empty out the water.

Before we refill your tub with water we will give it a thorough clean, including the jets and remove any build up of lime scale.

While we are refilling your tub back up with water we will clean your filters and put a uv protector on your cover to prolong it's life.

You will also receive a full report at the end of the service of any potential faults, just like an MOT.

Prices start from £199.

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 your Annual service

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